Thursday, November 19, 2009

sick little taj & the dress up paper doll

I am sure I am not the only mum who does not enjoy seeing their children sick, well I am pretty sure that all mothers do not like it. Yes, we get no sleep and we have the horrible feeling of heartache, but our poor little ones feel so much more. My son, Taj, has been sick for a few days and last night his temp hit over 39 and I struggled to control it for over 2 hours. I booked in an emergency doctors appointment today and my lovely doctor fitted us in at a time that suited Taj with his sleep. She is an amazing person, who is qualified in many areas, she is a modern medicine doctor mixed with a wholistic we get the best of both treatment options.

Taj screamed the whole way in the car to see her; it is a 40 minute drive. Once we got there she took one look in both ears and she told me that he has two very red raw ears. The poor poppet has an ear infection in both ears! So we have taken the homeopathic approach with his treatment and we have a script for antibiotics just in case as it is almost the weekend.... He screamed the whole way home and I held his little hand. I drove home pretty much the whole way in 3rd gear so I could give him this small amount of comfort, slow trip home, but so nice to hold that little hand.

He went to sleep straight after a feed and Keely told me she wanted to draw a picture of Taj being sad with his sore ears. This is the cute painting of Taj with his sore ears.....

I know I blog about my life, but did not want to take a photo of my boy in pain, not a nice thing to show off, I wouldn't want anyone to see me looking bad, so the painting is as far as I will go!

While Taj has been sleeping Keely got some of her tops and skirts out of her cupboard, laid them all out on the carpet and created little outfits. I think she did very well with her matching!

I took one look and thought, we could make a Keely paper doll to dress up, so I did!

I love doing fun and creative things with my children, nice to have them lead you into doing something different and very creative!


  1. wow ! that is so cool! .. what a great idea.. and I cant believe you did it with a sick wee one in tow ! x

  2. he was sleeping! he slept for 4 hours....i think with better photos I could really make them, a fun gift! x

  3. How cute. I'll have to show this to Piper - I'm sure she'll want to do it too! I hope that your little boy gets better soon. Poor little Dude!



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