Sunday, November 15, 2009

dadda's birthday party

I am not sure about the rest of you and how your children see our birthdays, but my daughter sees it as a day that involves her friends and a "kiddy" cake! Today was Simon's birthday and Keely and I were busy organising all the details yesterday. We decided to do chocolate cupcakes with insects on them....lolly insects of course! I managed to explain to her that it was daddy's friends that would be coming to the party, but ironically we saw some of Keely's friends down the beach where we had Simon's party.

We had the best fun making the cupcakes and Keely was very much involved. We made a spider, dragonfly, butterfly and then Keely's number one choice was to do all the sprinkles, which we decided were ants!

While the cupcakes were cooking Keely made her daddy a card out of new sparkle paper we bought at the shops and a magic pencil. It was one of those pencils that has every colour in it, kind of like a rainbow... I had one as a child too! Keely showed me her angry face and her happy face; she is very much into the different expressions a face makes with her emotions or other people's emotions.

Today we had a great day for Simon's birthday, and he did too! The afternoon was spent at our favourite little beach, Freshie!

Oh, almost forgot, we bought him 2 cookbooks, I know sounds like buying socks, but he is so into cooking and great photography. One of the books is more about the chef and his story in Vietnam, The Songs of Sapa, and we have not tried vietnamese cooking, so that will be a lot of fun! There was a recipe for salmon, with a baby spinach, fennel salad in the new Donna Hay, Seasons book and I made that for him for dinner tonight... it was a nice way to end the day. The birthday boy is asleep on the couch!


  1. WOW Miss K looks like she sure makes super hundreds and thousands Cupcakes!!!
    Love it Jen x

  2. Hayley, your children are so gorgeous! I can't get over how squeaky clean they always look! when my kids cook they are covered in grubbiness by the end, in fact they're grubs most of the time :)
    sounds like a lovely day,
    mel x



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