Thursday, November 12, 2009

little one baby

I am not sure if you are aware of the new baby magazine that is onto its second issue this month; the magazine is Little One Baby and it seriously is gorgeous! It is about real mums, dads and their babies, with lots of lovely products that you can buy for them and for yourself. I was so in love with their first issue that I advertised in this one.

I love doing ads for magazines, it is fun to design something and then to receive it in print months later and to see if your design worked. Having a graphic design background I am pretty hard on myself with the ads, get quite critical! I am a very clean and simple person.... love white space! The ad I came up with had Keely in it with the most divine Sudo dress on, and I used my clouds from the Little Pinwheel logo and lots of red and there we have an ad!

To my surprise and what a lovely surprise, my husband came home with my magazine that was delivered to our po box. I opened it up and it just got better, the magazine had been wrapped in tissue paper with one of their stickers to hold it down, the small, but very nice detail of wrapping the magazine, just makes it even more special.

Tonight I am going to jump off the computer, grab a licorice tea, some chocolate ice cream (as I have no chocolate in the house, due to my husband and I deciding, no more; big mistake) and I am going to curl up with Little One and read it from front to back! Something I don't think many of us mothers do... well I know I don't, there is no time to clean the house sometimes, let alone read a magazine!


  1. Sounds good!! Where can I get a copy?

  2. where do you live? are you in AUS or overseas? Either way let me know and I will contact the editor and find out for you. You can email me if you like
    I just finished reading it and it is a great issue!



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