Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the mommy (mummy) and me photo challenge!

I love a good challenge, I am always up for one! I follow this incredible blog, kenzie poo and it is all about design, fashion for all things little and some big things too.... This week Rachelle has thrown her readers a challenge, which is to take a photo of yourself with your baby or children, post it on your blog and then she will choose her favourites to post on her blog. I did an image with Keely and myself to reflect the "girls just wanna have fun" times we have been having. Yes I know I have a son too, but he gets so much more of mum, with being dependent on me. So this was for the girls!

My image reflects my beautiful girl, my business Little Pinwheel and me with the wallpaper wall. I know Keely will be a huge focus on Little Pinwheel as the business grows into new directions and to have her by her my side will keep the inspiration alive.... plus my toe nails will need painting again soon!



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