Sunday, November 8, 2009

girls just wanna have fun

The title of this post was my favourite movie as a child and it still is a movie which I love. There is something about girlfriends and having that woman, girl or mother in your life. You can have such a special bond, something that no one could ever take away, something I know I will always have with my mum.

I had a lot of lovely times with my mum growing up and even as an adult we did some great things together... we were two great friends and we had a relationship that was beyond a mother and a daughter. We had a great love and respect for each other, we were quite different but the connection was something I will never be able to find again. I miss her everyday and there is not a day or moment that goes by that she is not in my thoughts and my heart.

Over the weekend it was just me and the little ones and when Taj had his sleeps Keely and I got into doing a few "girly" things together. I thought it would be nice for us to do some of the simple things together and for her to have some really special mummy time.

Being a lover of craft, the first activity on the list of things Keely wanted to do with me was painting and it was a great laugh and lots of fun. We decided it would be nice to get right into the painting and we painted each others hands and did a hand print picture together. We also made a butterfly and anything else that came into her mind we painted onto paper. Keely and I also did some drawing and I taught her how to draw a bird and I must say I am very impressed with her magpie!

It was a nice day outside, so we kind of packed up the paints and went downstairs with our nail polish and painted each others toes. Keely decided on different colours for her fingers and her toes. I am not sure what it is about painting your toes with another female, even if it is with an almost 4 year old, it is a really nice time. We talked and giggled and just had a great time in the sun.

We then went for the bike and Keely continued to show off her newly painted fingers at any chance she got! We did the really girly things, like pick flowers and just hang out and enjoy having just some mummy and Keely time.

I found the simple things with my mum are the memories that really stay with me. I would like to create some beautiful memories with Keely too with some of those simple and lovely girly moments you can do together.


  1. what a gorgeous post hayley! the last photo of keely is simple and divine. you have a gorgeous daughter! and her magpie put a huge smile on my face, well done keely!
    my mum and i were just talking on the phone this morning, saying how we haven't had much time together lately (she lives an hour away), so we've booked in a shopping trip together on sunday, just her and i. maybe we might get time to paint our toes too?!
    thanks so much for sharing xx

  2. Wow - your post actually bought a tear to my eye. beautiful!

  3. THAT last picture of Keely is gorgeous
    Just Divine

  4. thank you so much "anonymous" ....sorry you cried! x

    bec, hope you got your lovely time with your mum and you have pretty nails like we do!

    mini-s I know how divine is that pic.... I love it!



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