Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I found them!

Over the last week I have been playing detective, and now I can say that I would make a really good stalker! Once I received my birth certificate I felt so ready to make the next moves, but I had to wait to be assigned a Case Manager. If you knew me you would know I am not very patient, so I decided to see what Google could find for me. My birth mum was no where to be found, and that is when I thought I would try her daughter's name as it is uncommon. I knew she would only be quite young and I figured most people are on Facebook, and there she was....well a picture of a punked up kitten! I used my new found detective skills and put two and two together when I saw a couple of her friends on her friend list, one was her cousin and the other her uncle. I knew then that I had found my sister.

But I could not send an 11 year old a message on facebook, especially not knowing if I was still talked about and really she is a child and that is not right on any grounds. I chose a person from her friend list, one that looked so lovely and a person that was an adult. I wrote her a message that didn't really say who I was, but it was a message that if it was told to my birth mum she would know it was me.

Yesterday at lunch time I was assigned my Case Manager and I didn't tell her that I was playing detective myself, I just told her what I thought she needed to know to get the searches started. (At that stage I didn't know that my stalking would find who I was looking for). I found it quite interesting the way that they do the searching. I was always under the impression I did it all, but I don't do anything really. I must admit I am very happy to know I do not have to drag two little people into the city to search the electoral roll! The only thing I have to do is write a letter to them both that gives an outline of my life and what I am expecting. Knowing I would have to write letters I went out to my favourite paper shop, Pulp Creative Paper today and bought some divine writing paper! I love the whole idea of writing letters and I kind of miss it now technology has taken over.

Late yesterday afternoon my inbox received 3 messages from Facebook, one from the lady I wrote the message to and two from my sister, one that had a little message and the other asking me to be her friend! I was very happy to read that my birth mum knew it was me and that she was so happy to be in contact with me again. I could not believe that my detective work actually did work!

I spoke to my sister on the phone last night and it was so lovely to talk to such a young voice! I cannot believe I have a "little" sister. Nice to have two sisters! I then spoke to my birth mum and it was like we just spoke yesterday. It was a nice feeling to know that she still thought of me and that she had told all of her friends about me and I was always part of their lives, even though I was not there with them.

I have so many emotions going through me at the moment and things that I am sure I will share as time goes on, but I think my post might be long enough! Although the emails and messages I get from so many people shows that you are all interested in where this will take me. Now I wait to see what happens with my birth father, a search that I hope is a lot quicker now they only have to look for him.

Another exciting thing is that it is my little sister's birthday next month so I also bought her a gift from my favourite shop. I am very creative, so thinking she may be the same I bought her this lovely box of beautiful papers, old stamps, envelopes, shells, ribbons and so much more. It is a box for her to create things out of, and to make beautiful letters out of, or anything she can put her mind to. It was hard to buy for someone I don't really know, but it was fun to find something that I hope she will get something out of. I told her tonight that I had bought her a gift and that if she did not like it then she could re-wrap it and send it to me on my next birthday.... polite way of telling me that she did not like it!

This journey is far from over, there is still a lot to work through. I have two letters to write, yes I am still going to write my birth mum a letter; I feel it is something I need to do and really the written word can tell someone so much. I will add photos as soon as they send me some so you can all see how much I look like her! For now my birth mum will be known as Caron and my sister is Octavia.


  1. Thats fantastic!!! Im really happy for you..
    Great news...

  2. I can't believe you found your mum that fast. Good for you

  3. Thanks for sharing such a lovely story. I am so pleased for you! x

  4. I just can't beleve what I am reading u found your birth mother and sister THIS is amazing feel bit teary 4 u! How amazing

  5. That is such great News!! So glad for you!

  6. That is fantastic! Congratulations! Ohh, I was a bit teary reading this post! I'm sure your little sister will love her present & I'm sure she's over the moon at having a big sister! Remind me to conatct you if I ever need to find anyone! ;)



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