Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the vulnerable happiness

Are you vulnerable. Do you feel like you need to watch every corner you go around. Do you think that if you don't watch each step you take, something bad is going to happen.

That is me. Or I would like to say that was me. I am that person that is feeling somewhat vulnerable with my life. It is all good. To the point where it is kind of scary. I need to let go of that part of me that has that fear of being hurt, and ride with the fact life is looking good, and allowed to be good.

Have you ever let go of your vulnerability and gone with the flow of the all good? Do you just take a deep breath and keep doing what you are doing, and life just keeps going?

I know it might sound random, but I have not had everyday normal chaos and no real bad to go along with it. I have dealt with the loss of my mum, and at peace now, I have moved on from my marriage, and I have built a new home for myself and my little people, I have put a whole lot more of me into my business, and I have a great bunch of awesome friends that are part of my family, and I also have my running, which I love more than I ever thought I would. I now run because of the sheer love and joy, not because I am running away from things.

Is it ok to let go, and allow yourself to be vulnerable to the world? Does it make someone that overly happy, up themselves person, just because their life has no drama? There are so many questions.

Maybe there is no answer, but let go and roll with life being all good?

When I am down, I run. When I am up I run. What do you do to cope with everyday life, and those hard times?

{I will be honest and say I feel that good, I don't know what to blog about. Is it ok to say.... today rocked. That today was all kinds of awesome, and good karma came my way today.... several times}?


  1. Sounds like the Vitamin C is talking, go with it, great space to be in!

  2. Well i don't like the expression that good things come to good people as some really totally sucky things happen to good people, it's not karma at all. I think totally believe in yourself, be the best person you can.
    You've had a lot on your plate & could very likely cop a break. I tend to find i do a lot more Yoga, Pilates & Body Balance classes when i need more calm & zen, i am drawn to them, make time for them, otherwise Zumba me up or Pump, wear myself out. Love Posie



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