Friday, August 5, 2011

hello lady. who is the lady? she is you.

She was once little. She is still little, and now she is here for you.

Lady Pinwheel.

A dream that started from a background in women's fashion, grew into a children's business with the personal desire to be a mother. With two little people on my own, I wanted to grow the Little and show the Lady. I have had a lot of experience in all facets of the fashion industry, from buying, sales, and production. I use my skills, along with my everyday experiences of being a lady myself, to give you her.

A lady to me is a woman that feels it on the inside. You don't need to wear the makeup, or the high heels to be a lady. You can be a lady because you believe you are.

Lady Pinwheel is you. She is the woman that is not afraid to jump on a skateboard, she is the lady that has lunch dates with girlfriends, she is the corporate lady, she is the lady that runs after little people all day.


  1. Hayley - well done, you rock. Fantastic clothes, fab photos, Love it - now what to buy!

  2. This is really exciting Hayley. You're so talented and I can't wait to follow this all & grab a piece for this lady. xxx

  3. Go you, that's awesome. Power to you lady x

  4. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
    Just had a little look see and am loving the Lady and all she is.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  5. Congratulations Hayley! i honestly don't know how you manage to fit it all in your day. Kudos to you xxx

  6. You are awesome Hayley! I've always loved your style! BTW, I have 2 pairs of saltwaters now. :-p



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