Thursday, August 25, 2011

the simple first

This facing fear thing is easy. Check me out. I am hugging a lizard. Yes it has legs, and yes it is not a snake. But it is still a reptile that was holding onto my chest. And I was feeling the fear.

This has to count as facing part of my fears. The simple things first.

Next I am thinking of rocking a meal at a restaurant on my own. Have a drink at the bar, and sit down to eat beautiful food, whilst taking in the people watching. I have never done this, and I have always wanted to. It is not really a fear, but I guess if I have never done it, there must be an element of fear. Maybe it is the thought of being the kid in the playground all on their own with no friends.

Melbourne this weekend. I might have to be that kid in the playground.

In case you are wondering, Elvis, (yes his name is Elvis), and I bonded. I think it is love. Elvis rocks.


  1. melbourne doesn't need to be lonely there are lots of lovely people here! Acland or brunswick street would be a great venue for a solitary dining experience, lots of people watching and relaxing vibe too! I've always wanted to try going to the movies by myself... hmm

    Elvis is very cool!

  2. Eating at Blue Train at Southbank is easy on your own as they have a large bar to sit and eat, feels very comfortable on your own. Also Melbourne has quite a lot of venues that encourage shared tables..places like The Vegie Bar in Brunswick st. Enjoy



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