Saturday, August 27, 2011

the lady in melbourne

I am laying on my hotel bed, completely on my own. It is kind of nice, and a little weird. It is just me.

My flight was delayed over an hour. I was that chilled out, I did not care. There was no little person to worry about. I put my feet up and people watched.

I had dinner on my own. I sat and ate, and had a lovely glass of red wine. I am already analysing my life. Thinking about things. Mostly thinking about myself, which is different for me. I do think about myself in that normal everyday way, as we all do, but not in the aspect of really figuring out what I would like. Having that reflection time without the interruption of a little voice, of an incoming email or phone call, or seeing someone I know. It is just me. Just me for 3 whole nights.

Tomorrow I have a training run in the morning, and off to fashion exposed for Lady Pinwheel.

I love melbourne. Rock on.

1 comment:

  1. Good on you H. I hope you have a wonderful, and indulgent 3 days away. I would love to be doing that too actually. x Linzi x



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