Saturday, August 6, 2011

my pile of washing

How do I do it? I get asked this a lot; how I fit it all into my day. How I now have the Lady, and also run the Little, be an ace mum to my little people, be there for my friends, and also be there for myself.

The answer; stuffed if I know! I have a pile of washing to put away, and I won't do it.

I truly do not know how I get through some days, get things done and wake up and do it all over again. But isn't this all of us. Don't we all feel this?

I work when some of you are sitting on your couch watching your favourite flick, or while you are sleeping. I work three days a week completely on my business from 9am until about 3pm. (I do manage to fit a coffee in there too, and a run). The other working days are done with a little person holding my hand.

Every moment that I have my little people by my side, I am mum. There are moments when they do have to be dragged around to the warehouse, to the post office, but who doesn't have to drag their little people around once in a while?

I am a single parent, so this means I may get more "me" time than you might. There are pros and cons to that statement, and this is something I have to suck up each day.

Today I have no little people. Today I have worked, ran, walked, had coffee, done shopping, hung with an ace friend, spoke to a few friends, and I will work some more.

And I will manage to squeeze in a flick. But I will watch mine on the computer, while I work.

This is how I do it. It works. I sometimes do not like it. But I am happy; My little people are happy. And I am there for my friends.

I still have a pile of clean washing to put away. As I am sure most of you do. And I have no doubt your pile will be in the same spot on monday. I know mine will be. I am behind in aspects of my everyday life. I just keep ploughing through it.

There is always something that needs to be done. There is never a dull moment.

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