Friday, August 26, 2011

my girl

I am blessed. Truly blessed. My little people rock my world, and for the past week my little girl has been beautiful.

Keely has always been a sweet girl, and this is evident through the instant friendships she makes everywhere she goes. I drop her off at school, and all I can hear is her name being called. She is that girl that will be friends with everyone. No matter what. She has that heart, and nature.

She is patient, and sometimes not so patient, but overall I think I am raising a very special person.

My big girl rocks my world, and makes me proud.


  1. beautiful..absolutely beautiful!
    my girl has been so amazing lately too.
    gotta love our gorgeous girls..and those cheeky little boys.

    big hugs to you awesome Miss H ♥

  2. She is very beautiful! You are indeed a very lucky Mummy! My 2 girls, and my 2 boys are the sunshine of my life! How blessed are we!

  3. She is beautiful because she has a beautiful Mum. xx

  4. She's very pretty.
    A salute to you for sharing her well.

    Cass from Advanced Guitar Lessons

  5. I second the comment she is beautiful because she has a beautiful Mum! I would have loved to have had a Mum like you... independant, driven, sweet and smart. You are such an inspiration Hayley x



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