Monday, August 29, 2011

melbourne is the styling city

Melbourne.... What more can I say. This city is beautiful. And 10 years ago I almost moved here. A place I was going to call home.

I love all that is happening around me. I love the people. I love their style. I love that there are hidden lanes with cute shops, cafes and graffiti walls. I love tramin. (I also love the fact I have called it tramin, and I have come up with my very own word for tram hopping).

A few days away was meant to be all about the Lady and it has ended up being more about me. I did not mean for it to happen this way. The whole reason why I was here was a complete fizzle, and I had to make it not such a fizzle by taking the time to make it more of an adventure. More of a down tools time. (And once I stopped, with no little voices in my ear, I realised that this was something I needed more than I thought).

I however cannot wait to hear those little voices in my ear. That little cuddle. That insane time in the morning where a little person is jumping on me. I miss my little people.

Thank you Melbourne. You rock.

*no blog post tomorrow. I have a lot of work to catch up on before I hop on that big jet and rock it in California.... 8 sleeps to go!


  1. Love the shots.
    I worked at movida for many years & that last shot is where I used to lock up my bike.
    Glad you've had a fun trip.

  2. gorgeous girl I wish you have a spare 5 minutes for a coffee & hug!
    glad you had an awesome time, Miss Blease YOU Rock! ♥



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