Sunday, August 28, 2011

my solo greek dining experience

I have heard people talk about food comas. I am having my first one. And it is all thanks to George Calombaris, and his restaurant, The Press Club, in Melbourne. He believes that the Greek culture is about the spirit of generosity. I felt that. He also has his chefs cook from the heart. I felt that.

My second dining experience on my own. Maybe it is more my first as last night was in the hotel's restaurant. Tonight I stood out. I was the only solo diner. I went as me. Not much fluffing done. I didn't have room to pack the pretty lady things. I wore a pair of native shoes, royal blue jeans, and a nice tluxe tee shirt, with a burnt orange scarf and cardigan. Not exactly your fine dining attire. I did however wear makeup and I did feel somewhat beautiful in my own way.

I ate eight courses. Drank wine from Greece, and people watched. There were conversations happening all around me. Some I could hear, some I did not need to hear. It was a beautiful atmosphere. Some things did shock me; mobile phones were out. Photos, answering calls, using an iphone as a mirror to check makeup, and teeth after each course. Call me old fashioned, but I would prefer to talk to the person in front of me. I sat alone. My mobile phone sat in my bag on silent. It was my dining experience. And mine alone. I enjoyed my own company.

It is a shame that those that chose to use their phones could not hold a conversation with the person sitting in front of them, and they could not use a bathroom to check their makeup, or their teeth. I hope I am not coming across rude, but I do believe that we as a society are loosing touch of our lives with the technology available. I know I do take a lot of images with my phone. But I do know when it is time to put it away. And take in all that is around me; for me.

I am capable of enjoying my own company, and I must say, months ago I did not. It is a great place to be. To dine alone, and not feel uncomfortable at all, in my under-dressed threads, was a great confidence building experience.

I missed my mum, and thought of her, as I sat next to 3 generations of women. I wanted to be seated with my mum, not a beautiful man. Have all of those great conversations we used to have. (A beautiful man would of been lovely. And I have no doubt my mum would of been matching me up with each attractive waiter that was working)! Mum always wanted me to be happy, and to have a beautiful man by my side. I am happy. And I know that what I have accomplished alone this weekend would make my mum happy.

Dining on your own is a beautiful experience. I believe we should all try it, single or not single. Book that table, and take in everything around you, just you.

And enjoy your food coma.

{In true Blease style.... I have to say, "rock on}!"

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  1. Oh good on you. I can imagine people looking, my husband eats out alone a lot (i guess it's a 4 year business trip to Brisbane) & trust me, when i met him, he could never have done this, he'd have radios & televisions on in every room, scared of being left alone with his thoughts. Me, i love quiet, i love alone, i go to movies & eat lunch out alone sometimes. Anyway, my husband is always asked why he's there alone, if he's meeting someone & as it happens, if ladies can join him. He is instructed to say anything other than "sorry i'm married" i HATE that expression. I'm saddened by the phone thing, i so often leave my phone at home, it's so not an important part of me or my life, except when my husband is at war, i panic if i can not be reached. Love Posie



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