Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my wild child

I have a wild child. A little guy that has way too much energy for someone that was up all night in my face. Poor little guy was coughing all night, and sobbing. It was a long night. I actually believe we slept for less than 2 hours. He started on the couch, 30 minutes after he initially went to bed, and ended up wrapping himself around me for the rest of the night.

The sick kid, turned into some kind of wild animal all day. Seriously someone wound him up way past the click point. I could not keep up. He was forever thrown in between my legs for a headlock, under my arm for the good old footy hold, which I must say rocks when they are having a tantrum and you do not have time to roll with it, and the upside down hold, in which he ends up giggling the whole time.

So tonight this mumma is going to bed now. I can hear him coughing, and he has only been asleep for an hour. Hoping for an easier night on both of us.

Do not be confused with the cute kid in the images, he was wild. He was knocking with his bottom on the church side door, telling me that no one was answering! His hide and seek game started from him running away from me after I bought new trainers. He told me to run after him, and then of course he would not come out. Don't you wish you could have their energy?Instead I personally have to opt for the caffeinated version to keep up with him; coffee.

How do you survive?

I phone a friend, drink coffee, rock the footy hold, upside down giggles, and a few headlocks. Then I sleep early.


  1. i love that first pic especially!
    I have one of those wild children too.
    I hope he is calmer tomorrow..and hey, if he isn't you know you love him to bits no matter what.
    I do too, I love my little wild child no matter what, tantrums, screaming, cheekiness.

    how do i cope..well, I try and change the subject so he forgets what he was tantrumming about and if he is on an energy high i just let him run it out so he exhausts himself.

    get some sleep lovely lady. big hugs you deserve them ♥

  2. I rock the footy hold too. It gets a few stares but it bloody well works!

    Hope you get more than 2 hours sleep tonight.




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