Monday, August 15, 2011

meet the real cinderella and his story

Have you ever met a more beautiful cinderella? Here is my cinderella, all dressed up ready for the ball.

Taj apparently is cinderella, and he told me so. He also told me that he has a girlfriend. Yes, Taj has his first girlfriend.

"Mumma, Priya was here today. I chased her, and hugged her." Taj says giggling.

Keely then looks up at me, and giggles, whilst saying, "mum, he kissed her too!" Taj shrugs one shoulder, (the classic nervous, cute kid thing), and says to me, "mumma, Priya cried when I chased her."

I love being a mum. These beautiful first life experiences. These innocent and fun times. Little people truly do show you what life is really about, how to live, and how to be a better person yourself. Although, I don't think I am going to go around chasing boys, and hugging them, and I sure hope I don't make them cry when I kiss them!

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