Wednesday, August 31, 2011

our groundhog day rocks

I am home. I am mummy again, and it feels awesome. Last night I just wanted to grab those little people and put them in my bed. I however waited for the tip toe of little feet at about 2am; Taj jumped in and told me he loved me to the moon and back and wrapped his arms around me, and put his little button nosed on my chin, and fell asleep. I however could not sleep. I was happy to be in the moment.

Keely popped her little self into the room just before 6am. I had cuddles from both my little people. I am one lucky mummy, and woman.

Today my little people modeled. Today I walked back into my chaotic life. Today I pushed the chaos aside, and had the best day with my little guy. Did what I had to do, and the rest, well, I will just cram it in before I leave next week.

Now, I be mum. I be the best person I know I can be. My beautiful little people rock my world, and I sure hope I rock theirs.

*right now I should be doing work, loading stock, deep etching images, but instead I want to come here, and tell you all how much my little people light up my life, tuck myself into bed, and wait for those little tip toes at 2am.

I love my groundhog day with my little people.


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing instead of doing 'the other jobs' :-}



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