Thursday, September 9, 2010

summer lovin' at little pinwheel

I love summer! How can one not love it? The weather is warm, or even hot, birds are singing, people come out of winter hibernation and we all seem to be happier. Watching little people play under sprinklers, or under taps shows that summer is approaching.

Taj played with a couple of his friends yesterday under the tap and showers at the beach. We even had to apply sun-cream. Little Pinwheel is also in full swing with summer and I have had a lot of fun photographing the ranges on my little ones.

All these styles are available now at Little Pinwheel and you can also find a lot of stock under the pre order section, which is all arriving very soon! It is nice when you see those little legs in shorts, skirts and dresses. I cannot wait until they put their swimmers to use, and mine when I can build up the courage to show off the white winter skin!

Bring on summer!


  1. SO SO SO cute. I might need one of each! I can't stop. Little Pinwheel you have Livvi's summer wardrobe sorted! Love x

  2. i love summer too . I especially love skirts and dresses. I love all these pics of your beautiful children. xx

  3. Love! your kiddies are Gorgeous!

  4. So so cute! I would wear all of the above dresses if they came in adult size!!



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