Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sudo rocks melbourne

Second day in Melbs rocked. I have shortened Melbourne. I feel part of the community and part of a great city. It felt like home to me. I was actually very close to moving there over 9 years ago, but the Sydney job came through before the Melbourne one.

We all know Melbourne cries fashion and it also cries little people fashion. Sudo is a label I stock on the Little Pinwheel website and it is one of the first labels that ever said yes to me to have them on my website. If you read Shop 4 Kids magazine in Australia you would have seen an awesome article about him, his beautiful wife and the little people behind Sudo. I had never met Terry and he said I should pop in while I was in Melbourne to see behind the scenes. Love a behind the scenes tour!

Nat and her little Livvi came along early in the morning, and even before we had left the city my little people were sooking. They were hungry. They had only eaten porriage made with water. Have you ever tasted that after eating it cooked with milk? ewww! I could feel their hunger pains, and the need for mine and Nat's caffeine hit. Soy of course.

We did eventually get to the Sudo office, or more like the studio, and met Terry and a couple of the crew. Sudo is known for its fabrication and tailoring as Terry came from a women's wear background. You can honestly see pieces in his range you want made in your own size to put on you. It is hard to sell a label that pushes their awesome fabrics without feeling them yourself, but there is such a Sudo following there is no need for me to put a touch and feel element to the website. But that would rock! The love for this label is growing and will only become stronger as the years go on. Fashion is forever changing, be it big or little and Terry is on to it. He is a step ahead.

Oh yes and there are shoes for little people too. They are for your 4+ and there are high tops, low pros, ballet flats, (Keely's favourites), and now brogues are coming for next winter. Do not get me started on his denim for little people, or pants. He has the fits and styles perfected.

Day two continued with a trip to the city with the little people. We popped on a tram while Nat went off to work. This was fun. It was the beginning of many more tram hopping trips.


  1. I met Terry too and found him so interesting to talk to! We own way too much sudo to mention, but zac's new hi-tops are on my all time fav list!! I love this post and I like that you love Melbourne so much, despite our crappy weather ;) x

    gorgeous photos!

  2. I LOVE Sudo! great photos! and great to see behind the scenes!

  3. Cute as! Oh I see why your kiddlets didn't like porridge. In my house I make it with water! Hilar. Anyway, we rocked that day as only we know how to! Heart Sudo. x

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time in melbs. love sudo denim, love your little people and love those silver brogues. Do they come in a women's 8? hehe...

  5. Hello dear...find that you had a great time there...;)...and it sounds and seems that you all had a lot of fun in this shop...lovley kidswear...inspiring and the little cute...have a lovley creative week back at home...cheers and hugs...i...



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