Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the galleon in st kilda

You all know I love coffee. And that I have just come home from melbourne. I enjoyed a lot of different cafes while I was there. I have my favourite cafe in melbourne. This has been my favourite for about 8 years now. The Galleon, in St Kilda.

I have heard stories about broken hearts, uni days, and new found loves. This place to me is awesome, broken hearts and all. It is relaxed. Busy. Grungy, and it has great coffee and food. If you love porriage, then you will love Galleon porriage. That is what I had every morning the last time I stayed across the road from The Galleon.

I love the old furniture. It cries melbourne cafe. The one thing that I noticed that has gone since my last visit about 2 years a go is the old school sugar pots that were on the tables. They were cool. Maybe they were pinched. That is a lot of sugar pots in someone's home.

If you ever head to St Kilda while you are in melbourne, then pop on in to The Galleon, 9 Carlisle street. It is fun, little people friendly. Busy, and awesome people watching. You can then pop over to the markets! Now I am sounding like a tourism centre. It rocks!


  1. Oh, that is right near my house. A nice cafe forshizzle. Can't wait for my Saltwaters. Am thinking I will get some white ones next! I gave you a plug on my blog this morning by the way (Jgee aka Jac).

  2. Oh The Galleon brings back memories of books and exams and studying. My business partner and I used to hang out there back in the day! St Kilda does rock... I'm an Albert Park girl these days but it's just up the road and it rocks!

  3. how cool that is where i used to work when i lived in melbourne. thanks for the flashback, it sure is a great cafe.

  4. I used to live about 150m up the road from the Galloen .... it was my fav too!! Great pics. I may just have to go for a drive with my kids and take them for a milkshake .... heaven!!



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