Monday, September 27, 2010

season changed with a dance

The weekend was the turn around. The sun was shining. The people were out. The lifeguards were on the beach. We were there to enjoy it all. We soaked up the sun and put more then our feet in the water. Oh yes, I went for a swim. This is unusual for me. I am a December swimmer. I swim when the water is a comfortable temperature and the air is warm enough to dry me off.

I felt liberated. I felt amazing. I did not feel cold. Taj came in with me, and he giggled the whole time. I am going to have fun trying to keep his ears from getting wet this summer. I have a water boy on my hands.

We built sandcastles, baked cakes, and we even had our own icecream palour. Their uncle made a funny face man, with eyebrows, seaweed as hair, and pebbles as teeth. This is the beginning of a long summer with our feet in the sand, salty bodies, and sand trampled through our home and car.

Keely and I danced. We danced for each other and it was beautiful to capture such a moment between us.

Love summer!


  1. I LOVE summer! Oh how I love summer! Please please please mr weather man give us many more days like yesterday. We all need the warmth and we all need to dance.

  2. Love all these lovely pics. The dancing ones are my fave. x

  3. i've been telling everyone about your swim. Seriously. Everyone. love these pics. this is the kind of look i'm thinking for our little project. what do you think? please tell me what lens it is. i'm gonna go get it. x

  4. Oh, i will have to live my summer vicariously through your beach pics, just as i did last summer..let's just hope this will be the last time.
    xxx ps you are hot!



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