Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rittenhouse summer for little people

Life has been a little busy lately. Even when I was away on holidays it was busy. I love this time of the year when things around you get busier. People are out and about, they are busy in their lives, which in turn makes it busy in your own. I was going to write a bit more about Melbourne today, but I am so unorganised with a post on Melbs. Instead I will share with you the awesome images that we took yesterday of my little people in the Rittenhouse summer.

This label is divine. All Australian. Great colours. Stripes are this season and they are throughout the whole range. Love Rittenhouse.


  1. I love this....stripes are my favourite thing!

  2. i love that lucia tee, it's so cool. the white pants look rad too, spesh with the white saltwaters - best go check them out! xx

  3. Love! Seeing your gorgeous little ones model their style puts a smile on my face. xx

  4. I love Rittenhouse! Maybe one day I'll even wear it myself. For now I'll just save it for Rosie. Taj and Keely look gorgeous. Gorgeous kids. Just like their mumma! xxx

  5. Love Rittenhouse (too), love stripes.
    Win, win.


  6. love it all! I am obsessed with stripes right now.:)



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