Tuesday, September 28, 2010

melbourne street styling kicks

Melbourne has style. There is no doubt this is a stylish city full of awesome architecture, culture, and stylish threads. I noticed some really cool kicks when I was in Melbourne. (Kicks are shoes). It is all about the cool trainers. Bold colours, and all about the brand.

We could not walk out of Melbourne with the same kicks on our feet. We all bought a pair of high top connies. Silver. Navy. Dr Suess, think. Taj is not running his new kicks yet, but he has some rad adidas to work in.

I have an obsession with connies. I am not a heel girl. I love my saltwater sandals and I love my connies. That is me. That is my girl shoe obsession. I can happily say I have 5 pairs of low connies, and now my first pair of high tops. I have no doubt there will be more kicks added to my overflowing cupboard, but for now it will be another two colours in the saltwater sandals. (which I now stock in adults as well as little people. Pop on over to see my pegs).

Do you have a shoe obsession?


  1. Tell you what I loved... watching you take those snaps! Rock on Melbourne!! I love shoes very very much.

  2. We love Connies at our house too ... My 3 kids and I wear High tops. We often all go out wearing them and people often comment, but I love mine and have no intention of giving them up.
    And funnily enough we have just being looking at Saltwater sandals for the girls ... Great minds!!

  3. I can't believe I only bought my first pair of Converse this year. I waited til I was in Hong Kong and got them for $35, also got my son a pair. They are the best shoes. I have worn them just about every day this winter, and will need to get another pair next year - I think a pair a year is reasonable, don't you? I love them to bits and can't believe it has taken me 33 years to get into them.

  4. Cool snaparoos.

    I used to have a hot hot pink pair of high tops Cons. I loved them. They were ace.

    Saltwaters are uber cute. But alas, not big enough for my feet. Damn fool.

  5. Connies are the best and high tops rule every time. I have 3 colours and some pink/purple low versions. Plus I am yearning for yellow and grey high tops. And the Saltwaters are awesome. It's turning autumn here though, so might have to wait until next year to purchase some of those! Your rockin' them that's for sure xx



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