Tuesday, September 7, 2010

taj rocks!

Thank you for all your lovely messages and emails for Taj's operation yesterday. It is nice to know so many people care about my little boy. Yesterday was hard there is no doubt, but it was also positive. The no food and water was intense. It was difficult when Taj saw a tap and he wanted a drink, and I could not really explain why he was not allowed any water. Surgery was running behind and they opened up another surgery to allow our surgeries to take place.

Taj was entertained by the toy room, which was full of great toys and a few other awesome little people. The best toy would have to be the kitchen. Taj loves cooking and this was my saviour. Plus all the other toys were great. We did puzzle after puzzle. He threw some tantrums, and had a big cry. This of course was no food, no drink, and no sleep tantrum. One I wanted to hop on the ground and have with him. I understood how this little boy was feeling.

His cuteness and tears earned him a special smily balloon and a couple of shiny pirate stickers, he proudly placed on his tee shirt. He really was a trooper.

Seeing my little boy so scared and telling me he wanted to "go" was the difficult while we were waiting near the theatre. He laid on the theatre bed and just cried, looking at me. He did not wiggle at all, allowed them to put the mask over his face and he went to sleep. I cuddled him and held his little hand. I bawled my eyes out. I wanted to be strong, but seriously I had been strong all day and that broke my heart.

Taj bounced back fairly quickly and it took an icy pole to get him there, and cuddles from mum too of course. He would not let the icy pole go, he had found a new love. He also ate all of my salad and apple I had taken in for lunch. He took one look at the hospy food and decided the mash potato was all he could stomach. I don't blame him.

I realise how lucky I am to have both children quite healthy. I could not even imagine what parents go through everyday with very sick children. I wish I could be there and hold each and everyone of their hands.

My little Mr T rocks. He seriously does. Even when he has had that much boob off me during the night I feel like a cow today, and totally exhausted. I am very proud to see my boy himself and playing with his big sister.


  1. Oh Hayley, I am so happy all is well. What a big boy he was for you. And WOW he looks SO much like Keely in that last pic.


  2. Sounds like a tough day, glad to know it all went well. My daughter needed to have plastic surgery last year on her fingers after her older sister accidently shut the bedroom door on them. I remember how hard it was not giving her food or water when she asked for it. Also the toy room was a life saver.

  3. Oh Hayley! I am so happy you are all happy today. I got tears in my eyes when I read about him going under, that would be the hardest part for me too.
    Big hugs to you all
    Vicki xx

  4. Wow Hayley, sounds like a massive day. I really felt for you, for me not to eat or drink or sleep all day would be difficult enough. For a littlie - oh man. You two are amazing!

    He is a divine little creature, I am so glad it all went well. What a relief. xxx

  5. I had a little tear just reading about it Hayley. I am so glad that it went well and Taj was such a little champion (I can also relate to the cow comment!). Taj does rock, but so does his Mamma. xo

  6. Hey lovely,

    Was thinking of you and the gorgeous Taj yesterday. What a tough day for both of you!! Hope he's feeling better - it's amazing what an icy pole can do!!!

  7. So so glad to hear all went well. Go Taj you are a rock star. We wish you a speedy recovery. x

  8. Hi Hayley really pleased to hear all went well. I just had my teenager have some surgery and even though she's big, it's very hard to have them go through it. And the grommets will make such a difference - a couple of friend's kids have had them recently and they make the world of difference x

  9. Oh, the poor little guy. An icy pole always makes thing better. I hope you get to treat yourself to an icy pole too. You are both super stars. xx

  10. SO glad that Master T's op went well - poor little dude! xx

  11. Hayley, Hayley! I'm only just catching up on 'things' now. Monet had to have tonsels & adenoids removed a couple of years ago. It was definitely the best decision for her, but oh, watching them go under is devastating isn't it! I too had been strong all the way till that point.... & ended up having to be walked back to the waiting room because I couldn't see through my tears :/
    So glad all went well for little Taj.
    Mel xx



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