Tuesday, September 21, 2010

back from melbourne

Hello! Yes we are home and we have had a lovely holiday. There has been giggles, lots of fun, shopping, tram hopping and some chaos mixed within each day. I have taken many images to capture our time in Melbourne, and I think there is enough images for a whole week. I thought I would have taken more images but it was a juggling act with two little people, an ergo baby carrier with a missing piece, a stroller, one scooter, a handbag, the layers of clothes we stripped off and the camera bag.

First day was one of my favourites. First days always rock on holidays. You are excited, pumped and you are leaving behind the everyday chores you know you will not miss. The plane ride was an adventure for Taj as he was too young to remember his first ever ride on a plane. He was chuffed to see we were going to walk onto the big plane. To my surprise he had his booby up in the air and fell asleep for a 30 minute power nap. Keely coloured one of those magic books in, with the magic pen. I used to love them. But I must say bring back the old school ones, forget barbie, dora and the littlest pet shop. Oh and the worst part of the plane ride was the fact Keely could not pop her ears. She could not hear for ages, and was in so much pain. The lolly pop was not cutting it, no matter how hard she sucked.

I loved hopping off the plane in Melbourne as I met my awesome friend Nat. I was hoping for a sign with my name on it, or something a bit more creative. But I had to opt for the jump in the car as she zoomed around to get me. Her little one was sleeping, so this time she is excused. I had never met Nat, we were blog lovers. Yes that internet blog friendship that happens all over the world. It is awesome and I have found a few great friends from putting my words and images here.

I spent a good first few days with Nat. We even did a naughty hide down on the floor from my sleeping little people, with wine, strawberries and the box on. We did not watch the box, there was too much to say. We managed to pound the shopping pavement in the city together, but both walked away with nothing. It was a challenge to shop with little people. I did the scope around and went back the next day to buy things. Nat did the same with a little help from her mum. Nat cooked me an awesome dinner at her house one night, I met her lovely husband, the little ones had a bath and they went home to the hotel for a sleep.

First day, first few days were awesome. There was a bit of chaos. I got lost. Easy to do within the alley ways of Melbourne. I found my way. Maybe a little flustered with the little people on me. I lost one of the chest clips to the ergo baby carrier, which meant no back wearing for Taj. I stressed a bit and tried hunting for a new ergo online with my iphone, but no luck in the city. I did some DIY and managed to get the ergo to work for me, and for Taj. Overall, we survived.

There is more. I do hope you do not mind me sharing our holiday trip. See you tomorrow. Awesome to be back here!


  1. so glad you had a wonderful time away with your little people, an urban adventure with smiles : )

  2. Great hearing about it - love the photos!

  3. Sounds AHHHHMAZING! I can not wait to hear more of your holiday. MORE MORE MORE! How do you like it how do you like it? MORE MORE MORE!

    LOVE the pics. Beautiful. x

  4. I heart Melbourne too -- love the pictures.



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