Thursday, September 2, 2010

their scooties

Today it is all about the scooties. Taj and Keely have brand new 3 wheeler scooters to get them around town. This is my grand plan of transport around Melbourne for Keely so I can take the stroller and not the big pram. But one can not buy one scooter without leaving with two when you have two children.

The scooter was going to be Taj's birthday present, which is a little over a month away, but hey we all love pressies early. Taj whizzed off out of the store as soon as the scooter was purchased. You need to lean to steer the three wheeler scooter and Taj did not have the skill or the weight to do that. I have caught him a few times just before the road. Yesterday I caught him mid air as he was about to plunge into a parked car. A lovely man walking by said to me that it would not be the last time he gave his mum a heart attack.

Overall, awesome purchases for both the little people. Keely is rocking hers, and Taj is not far behind. He drags it everywhere, and there are tears if it does not come out of the car. They love their scooties!

{You can buy the micro scooters from Skater HQ in Manly and from their online store}.


  1. too cute! I love little ones on scooties.:)

  2. oh tommy is getting the same one.. i have it in the cupboard but can't decide if he will be ready for it on his 2nd birthday (3 weeks away) or if i should wait until xmas.. also got him a nutcase helmet!!! L O V E

  3. Cute !! This brand's fantastic too we've had ours for last 3 years!

  4. Avery has had her Mirco for two yrs now and they are the BEST! They are the easiest and best balanced scooter around!

    So cool Keely and her little buddy scooting around the world from each other. Loving the purple, Avery has the pink one!

  5. Love those adorable scooters!! They are growing up so fast! What little cuties! xo

  6. Best scooters - ever! Poppy insists on riding hers everywhere (with a bag strapped to the front so she can collect flowers along the way). Taj looks ridiculously cute riding his mini micro. Lovin' the hair!!

  7. my kids love their scooters too, and aside from the $20 plastic three wheeler from big w, are probably the toys that have been the best value for money. my son started on a three wheeler and at 3 progressed to a two wheel razor. they pick it up so quickly! the ones you have for your kids weren't around when i bought ours, but my niece has one and the whole steering idea with them is great.

    and they are easy to throw in the car! and on top of the stroller when little legs get tired ...

    happy scootin!
    p.s the nutcase 8 ball helmet would look adorable on Taj ...

  8. Don't these scooters look cool! Great pics.

  9. I have to agree with you on early prezzies, I just did the same thing...gave our 7 year old the Maxi scooter before his birthday because our three year old inherited his brothers Mini micro. They are such good value scooters.



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