Friday, September 24, 2010

hello from taj

In an ideal blog world I would be sitting here typing a post more about my melbourne trip. But today I tell you about the fact I have my son sleeping on my lap which makes for a hard organised blog post. Yes truly this is last night and I am typing away. I cheat somewhat and write my blog posts the night before. They are hard to put together with the morning routine chaos.

Today I tell you that I think co sleeping rocks. I love the fact my son wants me to come to bed. Because I have business things to do he is laying asleep on my lap. I am sure soon we will turn in. There is only a matter of time and those eyes will flicker again.

It does get lonely sometimes at night, and when he calls for me at an early stage during the night I get a little excited to know I am going to have company. There is no conversation. Just cuddles. What more could a woman, or mum want?

Now he is awake blowing me kisses. I love being a mummy!

Next week Melbourne images.


  1. i co sleep also with my mr 2!
    i Love it kicks and all.

  2. Co-sleeping rocks! What more could you want than such a gentle little soul to cuddle up to? I love little Taj. And his mumma! xx

  3. hello right back atcha taj, you gorgeous thing x

  4. I totally agree, what more could you want than wonderful cuddles from our wonderful little ones. It's perfect xx



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