Friday, September 10, 2010

la petite magazine issue 2

We all love a good read. Anything really that is easy, interesting, and has things to do with little people. I shared a little about making a mask for La Petite Magazine a few weeks back, and now the latest issue is out. You can see how I made Keely's mask and how you can make it yourself for your little people.

I think this mag rocks, and I am in love with the photography throughout the magazine. Great read over a cup of licorice tea.

Enjoy your weekend! I am allowed to have my waffle tomorrow, and I must say I am enjoying my soy lattes. Although I think I can kick them altogether. I don't feel the need for coffee anymore. I feel too good. It is more the atmosphere and the people watching I miss. I am thinking of opting for a decaf soy latte. One would call that a why bother.


  1. Can I ask what brand of licorice tea you use and where you get it from?

  2. hi semada, I use black adder, the dark green box. I buy it from either health food stores, or now I have recently discovered it is back on Coles supermarket shelves. I leave the bag in the cup and drink it hot and even luke warm. lovely!

  3. very pretty mask - great photos of the kids in your blog and love the clothes

  4. Thanks Hayley for the mention about La Petite xo



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