Monday, March 1, 2010

little pinwheel ventures to kids in style

Over the last few days there has been a trade fair for little people in Sydney. It is where we as retailers get to go and have a look at all the new ranges for the next season. When I say next season, I mean next Summer, even though we are only just going into Autumn today.

It was a great day for me as I got to leave the little ones at home, hop in the car, turn up the tunes and venture over the other side of the bridge. It is always interesting going over to the city. I find I have to drive differently. There is no cruising around, you need to use some aggression with city driving in Sydney, otherwise you will be on the side of the road in tears!

Most of the labels I see do private showings away from this event. Kids In Style is a great place to find new labels, discover existing labels and to just get amongst the vibe of children's fashion and accessories.

I had the opportunity to catch up with a few people I have only ever spoken to online. It was very nice to meet them in person. It was also lovely to know they are even better in real life. I bumped into Jenny and Ian from LMNOP magazine, which is always nice. I am lucky enough to be seeing them again soon for them to shoot the POLKA babies summer range on Taj. He also did the shoot for this seasons POLKA, with a few other adorable babies.

I personally only went to KIS to meet up with one agent to see if I could get 2 new labels for the website. I was very lucky I was able to get one and I cannot wait to share it with you closer to next summer. It is going to be a fabulous addition to Little Pinwheel!

It was nice to see all the new items available and coming from Lark. They have such a great range of products for little people. There is also a lot of new wooden toys from Sevi, lots of pretend play, which I just love. I saw the new fabrics coming for Stella Cove swimwear and they are divine, such gorgeous swimwear for babies and children. The new Heavenly Creatures range for Summer 2010 is as beautiful as always. I cannot wait to get it in store, although I still have to get this winter in store! I am stocking boys next summer!

The best thing about today was it was all about me, I got to shop around, talk to people and be in the Little Pinwheel world. It was interesting to find how many people knew me from reading the blog. I kind of felt a bit naked with all of the personal things I have been sharing, but it is nice to know people can relate to my experiences I am facing and to also see that I am a regular mum doing the best job I can do for my children.

This week is going to be a great week on the blog, I have a few posts I really want to share. If you have not already, please help me with my Silent Saturday Project. I would love some themes to photograph throughout the week to share with you via an image or images to launch you into your weekend.


  1. Talk about being a kid in a candy store...OH BOY!


  2. Ooooo I'm excited for the Melbourne event in August now! Can't wait - it all looks very yummy! What a great way to spend the day.

  3. I think I may have died if I went to this event! It looks so awesome!

  4. How exciting all these new items to look at, wish I had the chance to go



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