Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my inspirational reads.....school is out!

Today marks the final day of my Blogging Your Way Course. So today I am a little sad, but excited at the same time. I know what direction I am taking my blog in and the changes I will be making to have this happen. There are already changes you would have noticed, with regular weekly columns, adding a new about me and also updating my profile image. We are growing up at Little Pinwheel and it will be an exciting year ahead.

So what did Blogging Your Way teach me.... I am not going to tell you, you will have to do the course if you are a blogger or a lover of writing! You will see over time what I have learnt. I know personally I have become a more confident writer, I enjoy it a lot more to put pen to paper while I am also enjoying some me time, and I enjoy knowing that there are so many of you coming along for the ride. I know it is a little different to have a blog connected to an online store that is so open, but it is what I have wanted all along. I like the feeling of my customers buying from me and not their computers. Plus I think it is nice to share my life as a mum, and show you how someone else might live...people watching me!

What can I share from my 7 weeks at my desk and working hard? I can share with you my five new blogs I like to now read. These 5 blogs are an inspiration and most of all are a great place to sit and enjoy your cup of tea.

My first read and one blog I have to make a very special introduction is Frau Heuberg, a blog about a mother, writer, lover of art and craft and one of the lovely creative heads behind frauheuberg. It is a blog with several creatives working on the construction of their own small label for handmade treasure.

A blog full of inspiration....what more could you need! So why am I adding Ines's blog to my list of reads, because she is the kindest, most encouraging lady that was in our class room. There is always one person in your class that just shines and she was that person to me. Her blog reflects so much of her..... it is interesting, fun and amazing! I love creative things and Frau Heuberg is all that and more. Go say hi to Ines, have a cup of tea with her and check out her fun Swap posts; you never know you might be the person who would like to Swap!

I adore this image Ines has on her blog!

My 4 other blogs I am reading and being inspired by are;

simple blue print - creative, inspiring and lovely discoveries

life through a lens - mother, newbie photographer, sharer of beautiful things

mamutopia - obsessed with clouds (living on one), creative and fun!

big print little - illustrator, beautiful writer and inspiring

I hope you will find inspiration and new discoveries within these blogs. They are all inspirational and are 5 of my new reads. I have many more of course, and I will share these with you during the next few months. There is always new places to visit and this is why I love the blogging world so much. You can connect with so many people and collect inspiration and get lost within the wonders of other writers.



  1. wow...you make me just cry...so touching...i can´t say something...puh...really...and that´s me...the topposter...just kidding...no, thanks so much for these lovley words...you are an amazing woman with so much inside and its so fine to meet you in this class...thanks so much, healey...its just wonderful...you make me speechless...really...a big hug and cheers...ines

  2. Thanks Hayley! What a sweet post, this made my day :)

  3. Wonderful choices, Hayley, and some of my favorites, too. Well done on all you have learned and are implementing here. I can really see the positive changes and know you will have great success! xo – g

  4. Hayley ... what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for including me in your post. I am absolutely honoured to be on your blog and to be surrounded by such other fabulous bloggers ... little bit sad BYW is over but really looking forward to following your blogging journey into the future
    Allison xx

  5. sorry for the wrong writing, hayley...;)...it was last night...i wrote this...so sorry...and thanks again...;)...

  6. Hayley...thank you so much for including me in your 5 blogs...it really is an honor and you've absolutely made my week! I'm really pleased with the amount of information and tools we got from the BYW class-it exceeded my expectations-and they were pretty high. I'm also glad to have found you. Thanks again! xoxo, Kristi



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