Monday, March 29, 2010

craft monday: egg decorating

It is that time of year again where the bunny ears come out, the chocoholics are in heaven, (that's me), the Easter hat parades are on, and out comes the craft ideas for the little ones. This year I thought it would be good if Keely did something that they were not going to do at pre school. They were making Easter baskets, which were completed on Friday. They are big! Seriously last year they were half the size. I am sure a chocoholic came up with this years design for the little ones!

I decided it would be fun to do painted eggs this year. I had memories of painting them as a child and having such fun coloured eggs in our fridge. I looked up a few ways of doing them on the internet and thought I would give the blowing the yolk out method a try. I had 4 eggs to work with. So when I was successfully, well thought I was successfully, blowing out the yolk, it decided to break on me. I was so close to getting all of the yolk out and I was being very gentle. Keely just laughed at me with raw egg all over my hands.

Out came the pot and the water. Yes, I decided to do it the easy way and boil the 3 eggs we had left. This in the end was such an easier method and really why even bother trying to blow out the yolk when you only have 4 eggs to work with. This might be something you can try when you have a dozen up your sleeve!

Once the eggs were boiled and cooled out came the paints and Keely got working on her eggs. She gave me one to paint. But I must admit in the end hers looked so much better then mine and sometimes I think some things just need to be left to the kids to do! Her eggs are colourful and have so much character. One of them even has a happy face!

The whole process of making the painted eggs is fun with the little ones. Keely got to watch the egg cook, paint it and now she gets to play with three colourful eggs. She has the best imagination, so they have been walking around the house for the whole weekend.

This week we will be making Keely's Easter bonnet for her parade at pre school. I cannot wait to share it with you.... I hope our idea works!


  1. I HEART craft Mondays. Haley you are so inspiring. Every week, you make me want to try a new activity with Lucca. Love it. Thank You xx

  2. oh, so lovley, and so cute. I wish you and your family a wonderful easter weekend. Much time together and lots of fun. I´m sure you will have...Thanks for meet you in class. It´s so fine to visit you here in your wonderful inspirational world. You are amazing. Really.And btw wonderful header. I like it...;)...a big hug cheers Ines

  3. I love checking into your blog. It is a source of joyful inspiration! I especially love the craft projects so thankyou for sharing!
    You take great photos too, i've started to take photos of the little projects my daughter and i do but they aren't coming out anything like yours! Whats your secret?!? Do you use the flash?

  4. hello anonymous!!

    Thank you! I do not use flash for my photography, it is all natural light. I am lucky as the kitchen has a great source of it. If you have a room that has a lot of natural light try using that room to take your images. I use photoshop to lift the image with using curves. I hope this helps! I think that you taking the images, no matter how good or bad you think they are, is fabulous and she will thank you for it later.




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