Wednesday, March 17, 2010

shop talk wednesday: POLKA is here!

I thought as this blog is about my online store it was time to make a weekly column dedicated to just the shop itself. Every wednesday I will share something to do with Little Pinwheel so you can keep up to date with all the threads for the little people. This week I am kicking it off with Polka and that is because it took over my life yesterday and most of today, but this afternoon I am going to put those feet in the sand and go for a swim! I know there will be a lot of happy customers today opening up their stock that they pre ordered!

Polka has officially entered the building and I am personally very excited! This winter is amazing, the knitwear is colourful and fantastic. We have had the whole unit covered in Polka and Keely has helped me so much with counting the stock, packing all the pre orders and then modeling it all for me. She has a lot of the Polka for herself this winter and so does Taj.... it is easy to see why!

I promise to share some pics of Taj too, but for now you can see his fabulous images from when he was a little one doing the modeling for Polka.

You can order all the winter Polka now in store! There are lovely boy's clothes too!


  1. oh my goodness!!
    firstly :: i wish i had more money to spend on polka this winter, i cannot wait to get my hands on the mod pod dress for summer, so exciting!
    secondly :: hello, how GOD DAMN CUTE are those ankle boots!
    thirdly :: god keely is awesome, was she being a robot or a time traveller? hehe.
    =) xx

  2. Such a gorgeous cute brand! I love polka dots and this brand immediately got my attention. :) So happy to have found your lovely cozy blog. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. I'm in love with the knit dress! GORGEOUS!!

  4. OH my Goodness!
    All so gorgeous and the models are wonderful.

  5. These clothes are adorable and so are the little models wearing them. ♥



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