Saturday, February 27, 2010

silent saturday project

I thought today I would see if I could get some inspiration from my readers. I find silent saturday to be a nice post day for me as I can choose one of my images and share it with you all and wish you a nice weekend. But today I thought I would ask if you could give me a theme or themes for the remainder of the year. I was thinking it can be anything from a colour theme, what craft projects we do for the week, my children, the week that was with little pinwheel, the beach, the season (we are coming into autumn)...anything really! Depending on how many I get I can do one theme per month and make it my project for the week to capture images that reflect the theme.

I cannot wait to hear what ideas you have! Have fun with it, give me a challenge!


  1. I love this image you've posted. As a craft lover and a parent I think it would be fun to see what crafts you do with your kids.

  2. I am obsessed with craft so love seeing those posts!!! For me just seeing colourful pictures on your blog are the best so Colour themes would work very well!!!



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