Monday, March 15, 2010

craft monday: the colour pink

This week I was going to do some craft that was related to Easter, but I thought I might do that another week, a bit closer to the date. Plus Keely has had chicks at her pre school all week hatching from their eggs, and they have been doing things that relate to Easter. I will share some of their projects that they do over the next week or two and hopefully give you some inspiration for some craft that you can do with your little ones.

The craft this week was all about a colour theme and it all started from a simple cupcake that I bought Keely when I went to the shops. The cupcake was iced in her two favourite colours, pink and purple. When I showed her that I bought her a treat and she could eat it while we did our craft she said she would like to do a picture with all pink and purple in it. Ironically Keely was wearing her pink petti skirt and her pink wing top, so she was already dressed for the theme herself.

Out came the last piece of foam core, our craft box, the pink paint, glue and the sticky tape. Keely was adorable! She was telling me this whole story about her pink picture and how she was going to make it hers and that I could just watch her put it all together. I did help a little, but this was her thing, her love of pink and her imagination.

I find working with a colour to be a fun project, you can do so much with it and use any medium. We didn't venture to the magazines and cut anything out, but I am sure this is something you could do when working with colours. You could even go outside and see what you can find exploring the garden to stick on their colour picture. It could even be as simple as getting out the paint or pencils and drawing what they would like in their chosen colour, or an object or thing that is in that colour.

We have so much in our craft box we were pretty organised with a craft project for the week, even though we only came up with the theme right there and then. I helped show Keely that red was an element of pink and she could use different shades of pink and the red. I found it interesting how her gathered materials had one yellow flower and then her finished piece had one yellow butterfly, but the flower was never used. She said she loved the yellow butterfly and she wanted to have her on her picture.

I already have some ideas for Keely next week, I am thinking the next few weeks will be inspired by Easter to give you all some great ideas for the holidays and for you to have that time to spend with your little ones; craft is a great time to watch your little people.



  1. A lovely pink project that any little princess would love to have displayed on the fridge.

  2. Adorable! I can't wait til my two ones are old enough to start crafting! And I love her pink skirt!

  3. You can never have too much pink!!! Working with a colour theme is brilliant. Great work Keely! Love the different textures and pictures too.

  4. You have a gorgeous blog, especially when its covered in pink. I hope you're feeling better. xx



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