Thursday, March 4, 2010

the little boy & my coffee!

Have you ever shut your eyes and opened them to realise that your baby has turned into a little boy or girl? Over the last few days I have noticed this in Taj. I remember when it happened with Keely when she was 18 months old. This time it is either happening earlier or maybe as I know he is my last baby I am taking a lot more notice of his changes, from his development and his appearance.

Their faces change so much around this time. They really do grow into themselves and the little personalities that had already come out at the age of 6 months have now become huge personalities. I can already see that he is going to be super cheeky. Just yesterday he was in the back of the car with his newly opened sultanas, having a giggle to himself. As I turned around he was laughing as he placed another sultana in his ear! When I had stopped he had 4 sultanas squished in his tiny ear. Of course his actual ear hole is tiny and wouldn't fit a sultana in it, but he was able to squish them in and have that whole of his ear looked like a giant sultana!

I also had him wake last night screaming as he is cutting about 4 teeth at the same time. My poor buddy has cut all of his teeth all together. He seems to do at least 4 of them, not just the one or two. As I held him after giving him more pain relief, I felt so many emotions. Looking down at that little person is incredible. I am not sure if you ever stop pinching yourself that they are yours; I still do it with Keely and she is 4.

I am looking forward to seeing what sort of a person he is going to be. I already know he is going to be super cheeky! I don't ever become tired of looking at them and watching how they grow and become these little people. It is an amazing and wonderful thing to be a mother. Yes, it is hard work when you don't get any sleep and end up having them in your bed all night with you, but when they give you so much back all of the sleep deprivation does not seem to matter. Plus I am not sure how we do it, but we get through our days. As I was told last night in an email, "there is always coffee!"

Yes there is.... and lots of it!

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  1. Hayley, keep enjoying all the moments as they are so precious and i still pinch myself that my princesses are mine and they are 14 and 11. I am so blessed and so lucky and have loved every minute and will continue to do so.xo



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