Tuesday, March 30, 2010

nursery ideas: the little kidz closet

With a very busy week last week and no time to really stop by and say hi, I decided to do a bit of retail therapy in between deep etching and loading more stock onto the new little pinwheel website.

I am considering, seriously considering putting the little ones in the same room really soon. So off I went surfing for some new linen for both of them. I recently bought the apple print sheet set for Taj from The Little Kidz Closet and I love it. So that is where I started in my search for more decor for their space. I am also thinking I might buy Keely a bunk bed. This will allow her to have her friends stay over and also gives me the "big" bed for Taj when he is ready to move from his cot.

When I went shopping I came up with a whole look that would be fabulous if you were having a new bub. I never knew that they had so many things to help you set up your nursery. I have put some images together of what I would be buying if I had a little one on the way. I am loving the Antons Lane linen, it is organic cotton and this print is fun!

As I am now looking for the room to be more their space and not a nursery I found the fabulous Zzzoolights, which are cute, but have that funky element too. I could quite easily have one in my space!

Drop by later this week to see other lovely things I have found for their space. I am so determined to do this. The reason why I am a bit slow in putting them in the same room is due to Taj still waking in the night and the fear of him waking Keely. Plus I had Keely wake every night up until she was just over 2, and that is enough to make me feel scared. I know I have to get over the fear and hit this head on. I am someone who likes to be prepared, so setting up in my head what I am going to buy and going out and doing it and then helping them create a safe and fun space is the way I am starting to face my fear! I am also building up the energy to go through nights where I might have to have both of them upset at the same time. Yes, I know I am a chicken, but watch this space as I am going to do it.....plus have no choice now I have told you all that I am "seriously" considering the big move.

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