Friday, March 5, 2010

the rat race

Have you ever stopped? Have you ever looked around you? I mean have you ever really stopped....taken the time to really look at what is around you?

Life is busy......It is busy if you are a parent or not a parent. It is how we live, we are busy, always on the go; in our movements and in our minds.

Today I stopped. I really stopped. I dug my feet in the sand and I stopped.

As you know I love people watching. I love to soak up what others are doing, watch their body language and to imagine what their lives are like. It is something that makes me stop; it allows me to stop.

Have you ever taken the time to just be? Let yourself relax, sit, stand, and just be you? The you with real thoughts. The only thoughts being happiness, thoughts of how beautiful things are. How amazing a bird is? Watch how it spreads its wings and shows you what complete freedom is really like.

Have you ever really put your feet in the sand? Really put them there? Have you ever gone for a swim and felt the water completely cover you? Have it really make you feel cool and weightless?

Today I stopped. After nights of sleep deprivation, a busy life (super busy life), being a mum and being on huge life journeys. I stopped. I really took the time to just be. Clear the head and soak up the simple and beautiful things around me. It is a nice feeling, one that brought me peace and happiness.

As I write this I am now thinking about my day, the things I need to do. It is busy, very busy. I am glad I took this small part of my day to just be and to have some real me time.

Try it..... you won't believe how good it feels to be you; just you.


  1. i stop every time we go down to the beach. i find it so easy when you're at the beach to "just stop", to just sit there and watch my daughter play in the sand and run away from the waves. park the mind in neutral and let the sounds destress my mind!
    wicked post hayley, especially for a friday! =)



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