Thursday, March 25, 2010

the happy dance

When I think about happiness and what that means to me, I think about dreams and living them. For me to be happy I need to have dreams and strive towards making them reality. With having little ones I can also have their dreams become my happiness. It is a lovely balance.

I was recently asked why I am so happy. How could I be with a huge life decision. One that has altered my future and my children's future. When you get asked questions like this it really does tap into your heart and make you really think at to why you do wear a smile on your face. Why you do walk around with a little dance in your step. I asked myself this question and the answer I came up with is that I actually like myself. I really enjoy being me. I love all that I am doing in my life; my business brings me so much happiness, my don't make me start there as I will just cry; they are a happiness that is beyond any words. How can you write what my love for my children is in happiness?

Have you ever thought about your happiness and if you are really happy? What does make you happy? I know I have simple pleasures in life that make me happy. I am happy when my feet are in the sand and I can go for a swim. The feeling of floating on the water or even just letting yourself be taken with the force of a wave. I am happy when I have my iced coffee in my hand, or a hot coffee after a cool swim. I am happy when I see my children laughing and loving everything that is around them. I am happy when my children come up to me and give me a cuddle, without asking for one. I am happy when I spend time with my friends, even a simple email or phone tag messages from friends that are makes me happy just to know they are there, even if we don't talk all the time, just to knowing they will always be there. I am happy when I think about my mum, when I have memories of our life together and when she comes and visits me in a dream; it is like she has never left. (How I wish I had the power to dream about her every night)!

Today I am happy for just being me, for all the things around me that make me who I am from my children, to my friends, to my sisters, to my brother who is trying so hard to make a fresh start, to the thought of a father, to my business that is about to finish its makeover and turn one, to the customers that take the time to email me and say hi, (hi!), to the blog for being my outlet to just be open and be me without any fear, to the memory of my mum and the feeling of her being part of me now..... I am happy!


  1. oh sweet Hayley, so glad to hear you are happy. I am happy too ! this was a beautiful post, thankyou.

  2. i am truly so happy that you are happy. you are a strong person to make brave new decisions and life directions. in order to love the world, one must love themself. and how could you not walk around with a smile on your face with those gorgeous little people at your side! mwah =) xx

  3. Oh Hayley, I loved reading this post and how right you are that our children bring a happiness to us that is so hard to describe.

    I am so happy that you are happy and seeing the lovely photos of your children being happy makes me happy too.

    Enjoy life live to the full and do want you can to make this world a better place!!



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