Thursday, March 11, 2010

itch throws a party

When I heard Jodi from Itch was planning the best birthday party, I had to put my hand up to have it featured on my blog. Itch is such a fun, creative and graphical brand that I knew Jodi would throw a fabulous 6th birthday party for her daughter, Jali. I asked Jodi to give us a run down on the party, so now I hand it over to Jodi!


The theme of Jali's Party was a whimsical garden tea party inspired by alice in wonderland. The decorations were a mixture of polka dot and plain coloured lanterns, colourful streamers, flowers, cones filled with lollies and candy hanging from the trees with brightly coloured ribbons. I handmade poles to stick in the garden beds with teacups, butterflies, ride on horses and curling ribbon. Of course there were lots of multi coloured bunches of balloons with curling ribbon and some balloon garlands to set the theme. Face painting was intended but I just simply was so busy I ran out of time.

The highlight of the event was when I made them all pink fairy floss on sticks - they're little eyes nearly popped out of their heads - very alice in wonderland ;)

The Table:

The table was the highlight of the party decorated meticulously with thing such as 50's style glass ice cream cups filled with coloured marshmallows and jam biscuits and eat me tags tied around them, paper boats filled with musk sticks, paper cones filled with popcorn which spilled onto the table, tea cups and saucers filled with musk drops and caterpillar lollies, playing cards, fabric flowers, colourful curling ribbon bunches and cupcake wrappers filled with lollies, pinwheels and paper fans, little stripey flags stuck into the tops and pink paper dollies. Pastry wrapped hotdogs, mini jam croissants, strawberry shortcake, banana lollies, chuppa chups, pink lemonade. Just to name a few!! It was hard work and lots of planning but I think it was worth it :)


Pass the parcel
Treasure hunt
Sack Race
Pin the tail on the unicorn


Handmade by the mummy herself the cake was a giant 3d cupcake in Jali's favourite colours. It had a slight lean but I feel that added to the playfulness of the party overall ;)

The Party Bags:

The white paper bags were filled with goodies such as chocolates, fans, pinwheels, musk sticks, playing cards, novelty erasers, musk drops lipstick lollipops, a coloured pencil, spiderweb cupcake wrappers, a heart dollie, balloons, soft coloured feathers, a camera, bouncy balls and stickers. They were sealed with a section cut out of one of Jali's favourite golden books ('I can fly'), a swingtag with a drawing or a stamp and finished off with a coloured ribbon and curled ribbon.

The kids all had a great time, some of the extraordinarily planned out details went passed their heads LOL but most of them said that it was the best and prettiest party they had ever been too!! Words like fantastic, beautiful, amazing and bizarre were some words thrown around which pleased me immensely :)

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  1. It's so lovely to see a kid's party with tradtional games and a home-made cake from Mum! I love the fact that Jodi made the cake herself (and that it was lopsided)and that the lolly bags were just that - sweet filled treat bags for overexcited kids. What a fabulous birthday party!!



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