Saturday, March 6, 2010

silent saturday

I have decided that after many emails that you would all like to see more craft to do with your little ones and to see what we do for our craft every week. As we do quite a bit of craft I thought I would start a column on the blog every monday that shows our craft. The craft column will give you some inspiration, it will show you some of the easy things we do, if it just be painting, drawing, gluing or even being a bit more creative by collecting or buying elements to do our craft. Plus I would love anyone to join in, share what you do and email me with some of your projects!

So Silent Saturday will remain the same for the moment and be a chosen image to welcome you into your weekend. Sometimes I may throw in an extra post, but I am trying to give myself the weekend off with the blog.

Today I would like to show you that we have all grown up in the Little Pinwheel family with our new image added to the blog. This is also the beginning of a makeover on the blog and it will continue to have changes added in the coming weeks. There will be a new logo that is being created by a lovely friend of mine, who is super creative and talented. This logo will be the new face of Little Pinwheel! I cannot wait to see it myself and then share it with all of you. I wish I was getting a makeover!


  1. you are gorgeous already! you don't need a makeover! =) xx

  2. Can't wait to see the New logo!! Yay, so exciting! Also, no need to get a makeover...You look so beautiful in this photo Hayley!!



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