Friday, December 4, 2009

time to toddle

This week marked the week that my son Taj decided that crawling was overrated and it was now time to walk everywhere. It first started at home, where he obviously felt safe and knew his way around and his boundaries when it came to putting one foot in front of the other. It was a very quick change in his development; wednesday morning he was predominantly crawling then walking and once the afternoon hit, that was it....time to walk. It was like he had his lunch time sleep and dreamt about getting up and being a toddler; no more baby.

I am sure some parents get sad at this change in their development; the baby really does turn into the toddler in a blink of an eye. For me, being my second child, I am so excited as I know the great fun and developmental milestones we have ahead. (Although with my daughter I was still excited as I knew I would have more babies). I really am loving seeing my mr T turn into a little boy. His personality is amazing and he has spunk....not the looks of a spunk, but the personality spunk; (well ok, maybe he has the looks too, but I am biased).

So what comes next? I don't really feel there should be a text book written on a child's development; they all develop at their own pace and they all catch up, some even overtake! (Now I am sounding like a competitive mother.... oh I am far from that)! For Taj, I can already see he will go from toddling around to running. He already made the attempt today while we went for a toddle along the beach front.

Little people amaze me, their different personalities, how they accomplish things, how they communicate and just being so different from one another, even when they come from the same gene pool.


  1. well done mr t! you look absolutely gorgeous in that little outfit! i just wanna smooch you all up (if i can cath you)! =) xx

  2. So cute! Must be something in the air because my ittle LIly started walking on Monday! Although, she's a little camera shy - I haven't been able to get a photo yet! That said, I'm still trying to get that elusive shot of her standing on her own!

  3. Wow, that is so exciting that Taj is walking now! He will probably be running by tomorrow!! He is so adorable!!

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  5. Yes! little people are wonderful they grow and change so much especially in their first year. my grandson is close to Taj's age he was 1 in November and seeing the delight in his eyes of how proud he is when he first started taking those first steps and now nearly running is wonderful.
    I look forward to reading your blog and watching your 2 beautiful children grow.
    Enjoy each special moment ...... as they grow so fast.

  6. Wonderful captures of Taj's milestone.
    Well done!

    I love your last paragraph. I love that about little people too. :)



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