Friday, December 11, 2009

keely's playdoh christmas

Ok, so I think this time I may have let my creative head go a little too far. Here was Keely asking me to play playdoh with her, when I decided it would be fun to make a theme out of what we would make. We thought we should do something to do with christmas. I am not that clever to make a santa, well even to try and think of how you would make a santa so instead I opted for the snowman and a christmas tree.

Here I was thinking I would just get Keely to roll 3 balls put them on top of each other and that would be fine. But then the creative brain got going and here we were making buttons, a carrot nose, eyes, santa hat and a scarf to keep him warm as it will be snowing soon in our little playdoh christmas world.

Then came the tree, which was just as fun. Keely made the tinsel and then rolled playdoh balls to make the baubles to decorate the snowman's tree. She asked how we would make the star and this is where mummy cheated a little by taking a silver star off some of our real tinsel. She placed all the decorations on and put the star on top, just like decorating a "real" tree. Out came the camera, some basic styling and Keely had a wonderful time playing with her christmas playdoh world.

To finish it off, we got Keely's fairy dust and used it as snow and she sprinkled it all over the snowman and his tree. I think the snowman had a wonderful christmas and I know Keely had a wonderful time playing with her playdoh....

I wonder what she will expect from me next time we play playdoh? I may have to think about how I am going to make santa....out comes the cotton wool balls for his beard!


  1. i think mummy secretly had a fun time too!! i love keely's face in the bottom pic, she's a funny and totally adorable little girl hayley, just like her mum xx

  2. ohhhhh ... that is SOOOO cute ! u r such a great mumma ! xxxx



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