Sunday, December 27, 2009

our christmas

Another christmas has passed and here we are wondering why we ate so much and why we still continue to eat all the treats that are still in our homes.....well I know I am! Our christmas was nice and quiet, just the way I like it and the way I remember having them as a child and adult with my mum.

The little ones were up bright and early, well Keely first just after 5 and Taj had to be woken at 5:30 as Keely could not hold on any longer. I don't blame her, I know I would have woken my brother too! It was all a little chaotic with opening pressies as Taj is not at the age where he really understands what is going on. He did enjoy opening presents, but lost interest pretty quick, especially when his sister had unwrapped one of her gifts he was more interested in helping her play with them. I played santa, I quite like handing out all the gifts; it is a job my mum used to do, so it only feels right I take over her tradition.

We had a lovely lunch with ham, potato bake (made especially for Keely), a green salad and some prawns (have to have the prawns, it is an Aussie tradition). The dessert was divine, made by Simon's cousin Laura. It was what I like to call a modern pavalova, well more a chocolate lovers pav! It was two layers of pavalova, with chocolate, nuts, strawberries and then a mixture of cream and european yoghurt....yum!

The day was full of playing with new toys, a toddle down the beach for Taj and myself, eating, more eating and some socialising. The little ones hit the pillow at 6pm and I did not hear any complaining from either of them.

Boxing day was a great day, the little ones and I played with all the new toys, packed lots of orders with the Little Pinwheel summer clearance sale and we went and hired some dvds to watch, perfect for a rainy day.

I hope you all had a lovely christmas! x


  1. Gorgeous, thanks for sharing sweet ! The pav looks devine :-)

  2. wonderful post. i love all the photos!

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  4. Thankyou for sharing Hayley. I agree the Pav looks fabulous.

  5. Thanks for sharing Hayley! I love these photo's! Sounds like you had such a fun Christmas!!

    Rachelle xoxo

  6. Looks like a lovely day. Love Keely's accessorising :)

  7. Is Taj wearing babylegs? do you sell them? so cute !!

  8. hi peta! He is wearing leg huggers.... you can get them from the fabulous Agoo.... here is the link

    I love them....was not sure about them at first, but when I put them on him, I thought they were cute and they can look really cool with a black and white suit.

    Belinda..... I am in LOVE with your hair clips! I gave them all to Keely for christmas and as you can see from the photo she is wearing all of them! I will be back to shop some more!

  9. aww!! look at taj sweeping at the beach, how gorgeous! mmm mmm mmm... can i have the chocolate pav recipe pretty please, hehe. glad you enjoyed your chrissi. mwah xx



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