Monday, December 21, 2009

santa party

Every year we do a little christmas party for the little ones down the beach with a group of local parents. It is something that just happened one year and the dads take it in turns to play santa, although I am kind of thinking the same dad has done it a couple of times now!

There was no real organisation when it came to the children, they just played amongst themselves. It was interesting to see the girls playing together and the boys had their special boys club going on. I was unsure what age this playing with the same sex started, and now I know it starts around the 4 year mark.

For me it was lovely to let Taj go for it, just to wonder around and do what he wanted to do. He could not get into too much trouble and he enjoyed his freedom of toddling around. Just to watch your little ones with the way they explore and interact with others is so lovely.

We all brought along a gift for Santa to give out and this year santa walked over from the surf club and gave the little ones their gifts. To watch children in delight, to watch the way they are either scared or amazed is interesting. Keely is one that is scared and Taj is one that stood there in amazement. I can understand why they feel fear and why they stare at a man in a red suit, with a belly and a very hairy face. I was even scared!

It was a lovely afternoon with the local parents and it was great for Keely to play with her great friend, Sunny, who came especially for the santa party. This for me was the time that I started to feel like it was christmas. Now I know how unorganised I really am! It will be a fun filled couple of days as the ham gets picked up, the gifts are arranged, the santa sack comes out and we kiss our little ones goodnight before the big red man arrives!


  1. What gorgeous photos - they are such beautiful memories to pass onto your kids.

  2. I just love seeing how people around the world celebrate the holidays, thank you for sharing!

    We will be off to our beach house for New Years week, keeping my fingers crossed for some warm weather. It will be 79 here Christmas eve.

  3. Fantastic photos, it was such a ball, you captured the mood of the afternoon. Merry Christmas, hope to see you at the beach soon xx



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