Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the divine bird in flight boutique

I was introduced to the most divine vintage treasures turned into wearable and unique pieces of art by Rachelle from Kenziepoo. Being a mum with little people I do not wear much jewelry, as those little hands seem to always get caught amongst the chains. I have always wanted to find beautiful and unique pieces I was able to wear out with my girlfriends or on special occasions. I can now say I have found the jewelry I have been searching for.

I was lucky enough to win a competition on Kenziepoo which allowed me to have a piece of Nicole's jewelry from Bird in Flight Boutique. I was not expecting to win and I always knew I would be buying at least one piece of jewelry from her. The prize was a Peter Rabbit locket, which I received beautifully wrapped yesterday.

I decided to also buy a very special piece that is a specialised love letter necklace. This vintage piece is a lovely feminine necklace and one that you can make special to you. Inside a vial is a quaint love letter that says the words "I love you" along with a small heart below the inscription. On the other side of the love letter is the words of a loved one that you choose when ordering. I chose the words, "mumso." This is the name we called my mum, who I lost 3 years ago. It is finished off with a gorgeous mesh bow.

I really enjoyed styling each piece and hope that from the images you can see how divine each piece is

Nicole is an inspirational artist, who is on a journey to explore and discover new avenues of artistic expression. Her first love was painting and recently she discovered the art of making jewelry. Her inspiration stems from fashion, art, history, French architecture and classical love stories. If you are looking for unique jewelry that has a vintage and feminine feel then you must have a look at Nicole's Etsy shop. There are a few more pieces I have my eye on!


  1. wow. they are divine. vintage at it's best. i quite fancied the escape. the sparrow has flown the cage necklace. awesome. thanks for sharing xx

  2. So beautiful... Those shots are just gorgeous of those necklaces! So glad you won!



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