Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the organised stair walker

Not long does one turn from a toddle, to a run, to a walk up the stairs, (well more a crawl up the stairs). When a baby turns into a toddler there is no more sitting at your favourite cafe and enjoying your coffee, it is grab a takeaway coffee and go for a toddle or a play at the beach or park. Life becomes what I like to call "organised chaos." (As I write this post, my toddler is waking for a takeaway and a toddle down the beach)! Life is busy with little people, chaotic at times (ok all the time), but little people just give you so much, that the chaos is organised!

I love milestones and watching your little people come into themselves. They never stop amazing me at all the things they achieve each day. I am sure when my little ones are teenagers I will still be amazed at the achievements they accomplish. We as adults do accomplish things everyday too, it is what makes life more interesting and what makes us who we are.


  1. Organised chaos...I totally agree. Very cute pics...love the turtlebums Taj !

  2. hehe what a cutie! Come on rocky junior!



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