Tuesday, December 22, 2009

pettiskirts are coming to Little Pinwheel

Within a matter of days we will be receiving the most divine pettiskirts for Little Pinwheel. I am very excited to have found a label that I think will suit the store and every little girl that likes to twirl. I have chosen a range of colours that will be appealing to the princess and the rock chick. How they wear it is up to them and with different shoes and tops you can really achieve pretty and funky looks.

The best thing about these pettiskirts and why they are a must have is the fact they are created from a dance shoes and supply company, and you could not get anymore experienced then that! I have ordered one for Keely and I cannot wait to give it to her for her birthday in January as she is having a fairy party. I ordered her the raspberry rock star skirt and she can wear it with a white wing top from Heavenly Creatures to create her fairy look.

You can pre-order now and have your little one twirling around and around, and getting you dizzy!


  1. These are so adorable! I think I may have to get one for Kenzie!! :)

  2. I know...they are so lovely! I cannot wait to get them and give Keely's to her, although she saw the blog post images and loves the top skirt! Oh no, mum has chosen the wrong one! I am sure she will be happy once she is twirling around in it.....



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