Friday, December 18, 2009

the little pinwheel blogging world

Earlier in the week I posted a blog post from my guest blogger, Rachelle from Kenziepoo. It is all about her blog and what her inspiration was to start blogging and what it continues to be. At the end of her post she asked, 'what is your inspiration behind your blog?' I was going to write my answer in the comments page, but then thought maybe you would be more interested in a blog post answer and not all of you read the comments!

When I started Little Pinwheel I was advised by a very smart network guru friend to start networking. He told me all about twitter, blogging and the whole network game behind business. It was very interesting to talk to someone that not only is quite passionate about how it all comes together and what you will get in return for it, but also who is willing to share his knowledge.

Not long after talking to him, I quickly signed up my personal facebook account again, added a business page for Little Pinwheel, tweeted and started my blog. It started off quite slowly in blogger land, but not too long into it, I started to really enjoy typing words and really write how I felt. I wanted to be different to other online stores with blogs. I wanted to share my personal life too. It was very important for me to have my customers feel they were buying from me not their computers.

The inspiration started from the whole networking Little Pinwheel to get the name out there, then not long into blogging the inspiration was my children, my life and how it all comes under Little Pinwheel. It is interesting how a business can become a huge part of your life, not only do you live it, but your children do too. They all get in and help pack orders, unpack ranges when they arrive, help me photograph products, model for me and do simple things like play with cardboard boxes.

As I blog today, I know that my inspiration is changing, my life as a mother is becoming more prominent for me and it is something I would like to share more. I know over the next few months that this will become a blog that is more about me as a mum, with insight to the working mum, the changes that happen to a mum everyday as your children grow as they reach new milestones and what happens to me personally as Little Pinwheel grows. There is a lot of ideas and topics in my head that are bursting to get out!

these flowers given to me today, are called pinwheels!

Lastly, my inspiration for Little Pinwheel also comes from the lovely people that surround me in the networking world; a world I did not think you could ever be friends with. I have met some inspiring women and men during this year and they are too my inspiration. Thanks to Rachelle, you are an amazing woman, a beautiful mother and an inspiration to me!


  1. Great post! It is an amazing world of networking isn't it? I'm discovering this more and more each day.

    My favourite thing of yours is how you use Keely to model your dresses for LP. She is gorgeous and I love seeing her little face pop up when I have a look at how the dress looks on.

  2. that was lovely :) well done on all your hard work, it must be so rewarding to see it all paying off so well!

  3. you have some of the cutest kids Ive seen and I always enjoying coming on your blog and seeing their sweet little faces! Congrats on having such a wonderful shop and a beautiful family! I wish you much success !!!

  4. Hayley I also look forward to reading and catching up with what your inspiration is for the day on your blog. I am enjoying watching your beautiful little people grow.
    Great job and congratulations on a fabulous family and creation of Little Pinwheel.

  5. Hayley, first of all I am looking forward to reading your lovely posts about all of your great new Ideas and topics! I know they will be so amazing! Secondly, thanks for your mention of me as an inspiration! You have been so encouraging to me, especially all that I have been going through with my blog right now! I appreciate your friendship!

    You truly are an inspiration to me as well!

    Rachelle xoxo

  6. Hayley your blog is by far my fave blog ever. I love that you are so open and honest and gorgeous, I love to see what your beautiful family have been up to on the weekends, and I LOVE to see all the amazing photography. I think it is wonderful that you share your experiences as a mother, you are helping me grow as a mother too. You have done a truely amazing job creating 'Little Pinwheel'... its not just an online store to me, this may not make sense but it feels like a good friend...real, warm, caring and familiar...(with great fashion sense of course) seeing a LPW email in my inbox always brings a smile to my face. I certainly look forward to the new ideas and topics ahead too ! Thankyou and keep up the good work beautiful lady xoxo

  7. what a beautiful post about your little inspirations, your life!
    lovely ♥
    ..and I had no idea they are called pinwheels!

  8. Hi, I just landed here after seeing a post on Bloesem Kids. I love this post because I do find that my life has been enriched through blogging and "meeting" other moms all over the world. I admire and appreciate that you strive to make your blog about more than your business. I know that I gravitate toward blogs that are as much about the person behind the writing as they are about the products/people they feature. Best to you from California.



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