Thursday, December 10, 2009

time for a big bed with bubba bling

There comes a time when your little one is old enough for a "big" bed. Taj is now 14 months and it won't be too long and we will be thinking of what we will be needing for him to make this transition a smooth one. My new sponsor Bubba Bling has all your little ones needs for their bedroom space. Seriously, they have all of it, from beds, to furnishings and all the trimmings to make their room their space.

I thought a great way to introduce Bubba Bling would be to show you what I would personally choose for Taj's space. I have a thing for red and think that it is a colour that you can match with very well. I love pink and red together, so with Keely and Taj sharing a room the colours will sit nicely together. I love the simplicity of an oak wood with white, it makes for a good base palette to work with when putting a room together.

the box set bed, bedside table and chest of drawers, finished with the thick letter T for Taj

I love these pieces from Lilly and Lolly, although living in a 2 bedroom unit we would be better to look a the scoop bunk set along with their range of bedding, which you can also finish off with wall decals in the same range.

Out of all the bedding on Bubba Bling, my absolute favourite is the circus range from boodalee. This range is colourful, fun and modern. All that I look for when it comes to the design of my children's space.

What makes this range even better is each different style goes with each other, so if you are like us and have your little ones sharing a room together then their space will still balance with the different designs from the boodalee range. To go with Taj's circus decor I would buy the Castle decor range for Keely.

When we put Keely in her big bed we went from a little girl that woke at least once a night to a girl who slept through. Some parents stress when it comes to this transition, but coming from a mum that had a positive result, it is a fun time. You can choose bedding together and make it all about them and how big they are now they are not going to sleep in their cot anymore. Plus imagine the fun you can have designing them a whole new space. Click on over to Bubba Bling as they have some great ideas for your little ones space, even for the babies!



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