Monday, December 14, 2009

guest blogger: kenziepoo

Hi, my name is Rachelle from Kenziepoo Blog, which is all about baby from clothes to Nursery decor. Little Pinwheel shop and blog is one of my favorites, & Little Pinwheel blog is one of my daily reads! I want to say a Big thanks to Hayley for asking me to be a guest Blogger today! It is so very nice to meet you all!

Hayley has asked me to share with you how I came to blogging, my inspiration, and share a little bit of my background, so here it goes!

It was about 7 months into my pregnancy that I had to go on Bed Rest for 2 months with my daughter Kenzington (Or Kenzie)! It is amazing how much you can think about while lying on your bed for 2 months! I would constantly dream up moodboards in my head for Kenzie's Nursery! What crib was I going to get. what Rocking chair, was I going to paint the room, wallpaper or add decals? These were all questions and things I thought about constantly! I also thought about how I was going to dress her and so on and so on! Finally, the day came when my beautiful baby girl Kenzie was born! When Kenzie was around 6 months old, I really was inspired to start my blog Kenziepoo.

I had a personal blog back in 2005, but It wasn't until the end of September 2008 that I started blogging about everything baby. I found myself always online searching for Nursery decor to baby clothes. I found it difficult to find baby items and Decor that I really liked all in one place. This inspired me to start blogging about all things baby! I attribute my inspiration for my blog to my adorable daughter, Kenzie, and my supportive husband, Mark. I wanted to create a blog that helped and inspired Mom's or soon to be Mom's about Nursery decor, and baby items! I knew Mom's everywhere want the BEST for their children! This desire drives us to spend countless hours seeking out the most original baby gear, and the trendiest baby clothes & posh products...not to mention the painstaking commitment we have to designing the perfect nursery for our little ones. I wanted to make it easy for Moms to find inspiration! Seriously, this is what inspires my posts is for Mom's and of course Babies! As a new mother, I found passion in finding the best products and sharing them with you!

It is so hard to believe that I have been blogging for a little over a year now! I love sometimes to pa-rouse back over my blog and look at old posts. Wow, time has flown by! Thank you for Reading! I would love to hear about how you started blogging? What was your inspiration?


  1. hello!! it's so exciting to see you here on little pinwheel's blog rachelle!
    funnily enough, my inspiration to start a blog actually came from 2 bloggers, hayley from little pinwheel being one of them! after i had my daughter i knew i did not want to go back to my office job, when yummy mummies came up for sale, i knew this was the career direction i wanted. once i got into the industry and started seeing such fabulous wahm's websites and blogs, just like hayley's, i was instantly inspired to be part of this warm group of people. i'm truly greatful for such inspiration, as i love my blog so much, it's such a great way to connect with my customers and friends, and it's a great outlet to share finds and to just chat life!
    thanks for sharing your gorgeous nursery piccies too, what a lucky daughter you have! and i just adore her name =) xx

  2. Hi Lovely Lovely girl!!!
    Okay I was actually inspired to start a blog/online mag called My Style Australia...all about high fashion- I have always been surrounded by fashion and shopping due to my career and my husband works in teh industry. But I kept on being drawn to writing about kids fashion and style due to having my little baby so I created MIni-Stylista the blog and then wanted to get more exposure for advertisers so went on to make the network. Sometimes though I do find myself prefering the blog as I find it such an expression of oneself...I love how you can almost 'collage' photos together and it just looks almost an artform. So I know I will keep on blogging and reading amazing blogs like Hayleys, Becs and Kenzie Poo of course


  3. My inspiration was also being pregnant with my daughter Zoey. I now have Zoey's Closet, my blog where I make and sell my trendy handmade baby and maternity items such as maternity hospital gowns.Check it out at Thanks!

  4. Thanks Hayley for letting me do this fun Guest Post, and it was so great to read how everyone else was inspired!!

    Rachelle xoxo



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